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5 Trending Applications for Editing Personal Videos

Camera phones were introduced nearly two decades ago. However, earlier, there wasn’t much you could do with your phone. The quality of the pictures and videos was also not very good. But, the smartphone technology evolved quite rapidly and at this time we have the smartphones that can shoot videos of really high quality. This is truly amazing. However, the video that we shoot using our smartphones are raw. If you need to make them more interesting you will want to edit them. So, what are your options? Well, you can use the video editing apps that are very popular these days. Here is the list of 5 trending video editing apps for 2016-17.

1. iMovie

Whenever we talk about video editing, especially pertaining to smartphones, the name iMovie is the first one to cross our minds. This app has been designed by Apple, and like all other apps of this company, iMovie is also truly incredible. In fact, it is really surprising how Apple can make all its apps so easy to use and user friendly. Look at iMovie. You will find how agreeable the interface is. The layout and navigation is also awesome. But, what matters the most is its video editing features. It comes with a number of templates, filters, effects, and tools that can make your videos many times better in an instant. This is one app you would definitely want to have. However, you are going to need an Apple device with iOS or OSX to use iMovie. It is exclusive to Apple! Unfortunately, the user can’t download iMovie on computer.

2. Lightworks

Okay! So you don’t have an iPhone and you don’t even wish to edit the videos on the mobile phone. Well, if you have a Windows PC you will get many choices. You should definitely consider Lightworks. Do not consider it just as an alternative to iMovie; it is much more than that. It is a full video editing suite. Lightworks has a lot of advanced features that can create even professional grade videos. But, it is also easy to use and even laypeople can use it for personal use. It is a must try.

3. PowerDirector

If you have an Android phone and looking for a video editing app that offers high performance, take a look at PowerDirector. This app offers a number of basic as well as advanced features. You can create some really awesome videos using this app. It also has the slow-motion feature.

4. KineMaster

This is another app which is trending this year and will continue to trend in 2017 as well. KineMaster also has a number of cool features that can turn your video into something more beautiful piece of art. There are many filters and tools, which can be used effectively to enhance the video.

5. Splice

Splice has trended pretty well in 2016. Going by its increasing number of downloads it looks like it will trend well next year as well. Splice has everything you need for basic video editing and more. It is indeed very easy to use.

How to Chat with Friends and Colleagues

No, this isn’t a guide to teach you the manners to chat with your friends. This is about choosing the right medium to chat when your friend is physically not with you. Today, we use our mobile phones to talk to the people who are separated by a distance. Thanks to the advancement in technology, we can talk to anyone, anytime no matter how far away someone is. We have the messaging applications like WhatsApp and Kik app that allow us to connect to friends over the internet. If you are wondering which medium is the best to chat with friends, let us help you out. Here is the list of top chatting apps of present day.



 If there is a list of chatting or messaging apps, WhatsApp has to make it to the top. This is because it is inarguably the most used instant messaging application. These days, it is difficult to find a person who doesn’t use this app. WhatsApp is simple to use. You can chat with friends on the go. You can express yourself with videos, photos, and audio clips. You can also make video and audio calls. Most people have this app and thus there is higher chance of connecting with someone if you too have it on your phone.

Kik Messenger : 

Kik app gained its ground pretty rapidly and acquired nearly 300 million customers in a very short span of time. Kik too is a wonderful messaging application. Like all other chatting apps, you can send text messages, GIF images, pictures, photos, videos, audio notes and more. It also lets you make video calls. Kik extends its chat functionality to public groups, a feature unique to this app. You can create a public group or join one on the topic of your interest. For newbies, downloading Kik for pc is not a big task, they just require to install Blustacks Emulator.

 Facebook Messenger:

This app is the extension of Facebook social media platform. If you are on Facebook you must have already used the chat application it bundles with its web interface. Those who do not wish to log in on Facebook every time they have to use the chat service can download Facebook Messenger. It is a great tool to chat with friends. You don’t require any emulator to use Facebook messenger on pc, you can get web version of it.

Hangouts : 

Hangouts is one of the most advanced chatting apps from Google after Gtalk. Through this app, one can make audio and video calls along with texting. This is quite popular for Group chat and enhancing its features everyday. It comes with pre-loaded tools and other stuffs.

Which Live Streaming App Should You Use

Partaking in an exciting activity and want the world to see it? Live streaming is the latest trend on social media these days. Here are some of the best live broadcasting apps you can use.



Periscope can be said to be the pioneer of live broadcasting over the internet. It became immensely successful soon after its launch. Owing to its success, Twitter bought out the company and now owns periscope. It is indeed a great tool to live stream the videos at any time. It is available on the Android and iOS platform. The live streaming can be shared with select people or can be made public to be seen by all. This lightweight app has a great user interface and is easy to use. Remember that Periscope has different followers and does not use Twitter followers. You can download this app on your device from the official app stores such as Google Play Store.


facebook live

We all know that Facebook is the most popular social media service all over the world. It has more than a billion active users. Have you noticed that recently people have started sharing their live videos using Facebook? Yes, it is true. Now you can broadcast yourself using the Facebook app on your iOS or Android devices. The moment you go live, all your friends on Facebook get a notification that you are live right now. Once you end the live streaming, the video is recorded and saved to your Facebook timeline. Facebook live video feature is a great way to gain more visibility. You can choose to live stream the videos privately, wherein only your Facebook friends will be able to see it. But, you can also go public so that everyone can see it. Many celebrities use the Public setting to reach out to their fans.



This is another good quality live streaming app you can use to go live. Streamup live videos are more interactive. Also, you can enhance the appearance of the video using the effects and overlays. It is definitely a great app for live streaming.

How to Download and install iMessage application

When the mobile communication technology was first introduced, the mobile phones looked more like a brick than a communication device. However, today, we have the swankiest smartphones available with large screens and some really awesome features. There is one thing that has continued to remain popular with smartphones – instant messaging. Everyone uses WhatsApp these days. Millions of people also use Facebook messenger. Then there is iMessage which is very popular with the users of the iPhones and other iOS devices. You might have already guessed that iMessage app is only available to the iOS users. It is a free app but can only be used on the iOS based phones.

So what if you can’t use this app on your windows computer officially? There is a very effective workaround available that allows you to download and use the app on your Widows PC. Here is how you can do that.


iMessage For Windows PC and Laptops

There are many applications out there that are not meant to be cross platform. However, this does not seem to have deterred the people. This is because they can circumvent the rules and find the way to use exclusive apps like iMessage for PC. The very first thing you need is Windows PC with one of the following version of OS running:

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10

Here are some very easy steps to follow to use iMessage on your Windows computer or laptop:

  • The very first thing you need to do is install the iPadian application on your computer. It is an iOS emulator which allows you to gain access to the iOS apps. You can visit the website to download and install the iPadian app.
  • Once you have successfully installed the application on your computer run it. You will observe that the screen has changed to look like the Mac computer environment. You will also see the dock at the bottom of your computer screen.
  • You now need to find the iMessage app using the search box
  • Install the iMessage by following the required steps
  • Now you will need to go to the iPadian drawer and simply locate the app. Open the app and get ready to use it on your Windows computer.

iMessage App Features


  • Just like any other Apple app, iMessage also features a very simple and easy to use interface. The layout is so clean and tidy that you fall in love with the interface at the first sight.
  • It is a very popular app among the users of the iPhones and any other iOS devices. It has given tough competition to WhatsApp.
  • iMessage is an instant messaging app an allows you to share videos, images, and files to the other users. However, it does not have its own video calling feature. But the good thing is that you can start the FaceTime video calling right from the app.
  • iMessage offers great performance and speed. If you have a good data connection you will find that iMessage really useful.

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Comparison of Best File Sharing Apps

All of us need to share the file across the computing devices once in a while. For the longest time people have been looking for the most reliable and fast file sharing apps. Thankfully, we now have the file sharing apps that allow you to share the files across various devices without using your data. Also, these apps do not require Bluetooth. You must have noticed that Bluetooth tends to be pretty slow and also has several connection issues. These days, numerous file sharing apps are there in the market. These apps work cross platform. This means that whether you have Android, iOS, Windows or BlackBerry phone or a PC or Mac computer, you can easily share files. Here is a quick comparison of the best file sharing apps.

 file-sharing apps-sleepwalkersjourney


Xender is now a very popular file transfer apps in the stores. It is really a great app when it comes to file sharing. There are several features that are quite unique to this app. This means that besides allowing you to share the files at an incredibly high speed, you can also use other nice features. For example, you can use this app to chat with other users. This app does not use your mobile data or broadband data. It just needs the hotspot feature to establish connection with other phones that also have this app.



SuperBeam is also a very reliable and effective app for the purposes of file transfer. This app now offers various options for connectivity including QR scan, NFC, and even sharing of the manual key. It takes only a second or two to establish the connection if the other device is within the range. Once the connection is built the transfer of files is a breeze. You can transfer big files and it will not take more than a few minutes. The interface of this app is also very user friendly and very simple to use. Just choose the files and share them quickly with the other devices.



If there is one file sharing app whose name everyone knows, it is SHAREit. At this time, this is the most widely used file transfer app across the world. It is a multi-platform app available to the iOS, Android, Windows phones, and PC and Mac users. Since this is the most used app, therefore, it makes sense to install this app on your phone. As you may already know, to transfer files between two devices you need to have the same app on both of them. It is very likely that you will find SHAREit on the other devices and will not need to make them install a new one. This is why it is best to have this app permanently on your phone.  You can download Shareit for PC version using Bluestacks.

Fast File Transfer


 The app was named so because it could transfer files at a very high speed. This is also a wonderful app and quite popular as well. This app also works cross platform like the other apps in this category.

Skype vs Line vs ooVoo : Which one is the Best

Hello everyone, it’s time to compare Skype, Line and ooVoo applications as you are curious to know to know the best one. These three applications are available on most of the operating systems, and you don’t need to pay to get these apps as these apps are free. These apps have most of the same features such as video calling, texting and audio calling, so we will compare the apps based on the features, user interface and more, which will make you more confident to choose the best app for your smartphone, desktop etc.

Let’s have a look at Skype vs Line vs ooVoo applications.


Skype can be used on Android, iOS and Windows operating systems, so best thing about this app is compatibility with most of the popular operating systems. This app also has some common features such as audio calling, texting and video calling but it also provides a different level of video calling in which you can add more than one person to the video call, which is known as group/conference video calling. That is why this is mostly preferred for the business conference and online interviews. You can also attach and send important documents by using Skype during the video call. Skype might be substitute of facetime app.


Line isn’t used for business purposes but it is the best app if you want to do both video and texting. It has got a very nice user interface that attracts more users but remember that there is no such thing called group/conference calling in this app. Although the video quality is not as good as Skype but I would personally recommend to use Line for texting and audio calling. Line has a very interesting feature called personal social network, which allows you to share your moments with your family and friends. The app is available on multiple platforms including Android and iOS.


ooVoo is the best option if you are looking for an app that can support group video calling, connect with any device, audio calling and more features. The interface of the application is very cool, which suits best for social networking. It has got many stickers, which adds more fun and enhance the texting experience. It is very funny because you can do video chat as different characters. We make sure you won’t regret downloading the app unless you want to use it for business purposes, and the app is available on Android, iOS and Windows.


We hope you enjoyed the article and from our point of view, these apps are very good. There are few different features in each app, so we leave it to you to decide which app suits or fulfill your requirements.