Comparison of Best File Sharing Apps

All of us need to share the file across the computing devices once in a while. For the longest time people have been looking for the most reliable and fast file sharing apps. Thankfully, we now have the file sharing apps that allow you to share the files across various devices without using your data. Also, these apps do not require Bluetooth. You must have noticed that Bluetooth tends to be pretty slow and also has several connection issues. These days, numerous file sharing apps are there in the market. These apps work cross platform. This means that whether you have Android, iOS, Windows or BlackBerry phone or a PC or Mac computer, you can easily share files. Here is a quick comparison of the best file sharing apps.

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Xender is now a very popular file transfer apps in the stores. It is really a great app when it comes to file sharing. There are several features that are quite unique to this app. This means that besides allowing you to share the files at an incredibly high speed, you can also use other nice features. For example, you can use this app to chat with other users. This app does not use your mobile data or broadband data. It just needs the hotspot feature to establish connection with other phones that also have this app.



SuperBeam is also a very reliable and effective app for the purposes of file transfer. This app now offers various options for connectivity including QR scan, NFC, and even sharing of the manual key. It takes only a second or two to establish the connection if the other device is within the range. Once the connection is built the transfer of files is a breeze. You can transfer big files and it will not take more than a few minutes. The interface of this app is also very user friendly and very simple to use. Just choose the files and share them quickly with the other devices.



If there is one file sharing app whose name everyone knows, it is SHAREit. At this time, this is the most widely used file transfer app across the world. It is a multi-platform app available to the iOS, Android, Windows phones, and PC and Mac users. Since this is the most used app, therefore, it makes sense to install this app on your phone. As you may already know, to transfer files between two devices you need to have the same app on both of them. It is very likely that you will find SHAREit on the other devices and will not need to make them install a new one. This is why it is best to have this app permanently on your phone.  You can download Shareit for PC version using Bluestacks.

Fast File Transfer


 The app was named so because it could transfer files at a very high speed. This is also a wonderful app and quite popular as well. This app also works cross platform like the other apps in this category.

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