Skype vs Line vs ooVoo : Which one is the Best

Hello everyone, it’s time to compare Skype, Line and ooVoo applications as you are curious to know to know the best one. These three applications are available on most of the operating systems, and you don’t need to pay to get these apps as these apps are free. These apps have most of the same features such as video calling, texting and audio calling, so we will compare the apps based on the features, user interface and more, which will make you more confident to choose the best app for your smartphone, desktop etc.

Let’s have a look at Skype vs Line vs ooVoo applications.


Skype can be used on Android, iOS and Windows operating systems, so best thing about this app is compatibility with most of the popular operating systems. This app also has some common features such as audio calling, texting and video calling but it also provides a different level of video calling in which you can add more than one person to the video call, which is known as group/conference video calling. That is why this is mostly preferred for the business conference and online interviews. You can also attach and send important documents by using Skype during the video call. Skype might be substitute of facetime app.


Line isn’t used for business purposes but it is the best app if you want to do both video and texting. It has got a very nice user interface that attracts more users but remember that there is no such thing called group/conference calling in this app. Although the video quality is not as good as Skype but I would personally recommend to use Line for texting and audio calling. Line has a very interesting feature called personal social network, which allows you to share your moments with your family and friends. The app is available on multiple platforms including Android and iOS.


ooVoo is the best option if you are looking for an app that can support group video calling, connect with any device, audio calling and more features. The interface of the application is very cool, which suits best for social networking. It has got many stickers, which adds more fun and enhance the texting experience. It is very funny because you can do video chat as different characters. We make sure you won’t regret downloading the app unless you want to use it for business purposes, and the app is available on Android, iOS and Windows.


We hope you enjoyed the article and from our point of view, these apps are very good. There are few different features in each app, so we leave it to you to decide which app suits or fulfill your requirements.


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