5 Trending Applications for Editing Personal Videos

Camera phones were introduced nearly two decades ago. However, earlier, there wasn’t much you could do with your phone. The quality of the pictures and videos was also not very good. But, the smartphone technology evolved quite rapidly and at this time we have the smartphones that can shoot videos of really high quality. This is truly amazing. However, the video that we shoot using our smartphones are raw. If you need to make them more interesting you will want to edit them. So, what are your options? Well, you can use the video editing apps that are very popular these days. Here is the list of 5 trending video editing apps for 2016-17.

1. iMovie

Whenever we talk about video editing, especially pertaining to smartphones, the name iMovie is the first one to cross our minds. This app has been designed by Apple, and like all other apps of this company, iMovie is also truly incredible. In fact, it is really surprising how Apple can make all its apps so easy to use and user friendly. Look at iMovie. You will find how agreeable the interface is. The layout and navigation is also awesome. But, what matters the most is its video editing features. It comes with a number of templates, filters, effects, and tools that can make your videos many times better in an instant. This is one app you would definitely want to have. However, you are going to need an Apple device with iOS or OSX to use iMovie. It is exclusive to Apple! Unfortunately, the user can’t download iMovie on computer.

2. Lightworks

Okay! So you don’t have an iPhone and you don’t even wish to edit the videos on the mobile phone. Well, if you have a Windows PC you will get many choices. You should definitely consider Lightworks. Do not consider it just as an alternative to iMovie; it is much more than that. It is a full video editing suite. Lightworks has a lot of advanced features that can create even professional grade videos. But, it is also easy to use and even laypeople can use it for personal use. It is a must try.

3. PowerDirector

If you have an Android phone and looking for a video editing app that offers high performance, take a look at PowerDirector. This app offers a number of basic as well as advanced features. You can create some really awesome videos using this app. It also has the slow-motion feature.

4. KineMaster

This is another app which is trending this year and will continue to trend in 2017 as well. KineMaster also has a number of cool features that can turn your video into something more beautiful piece of art. There are many filters and tools, which can be used effectively to enhance the video.

5. Splice

Splice has trended pretty well in 2016. Going by its increasing number of downloads it looks like it will trend well next year as well. Splice has everything you need for basic video editing and more. It is indeed very easy to use.

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